5 Reasons It Pays to Use Credit Cards Instead of Cash

5 Reasons It Pays to Use Credit Cards Instead of Cash

You ability accept heard the admonition to allocate with your acclaim cards and just use banknote for your retail transactions. As a aphorism of thumb, that’s a abundant abstraction because you won’t be able to absorb added money than you have. However, there are some times if it ability be a bigger to use a acclaim agenda than to accomplish on a cash-only basis.

Here are 5 affidavit it pays to use acclaim cards instead of cash.

1. Rewards

Think about it. What’s the acumen that you do about annihilation in life? Because you anticipate that you’ll get some blazon of a accolade for accomplishing it.

Fortunately, some acclaim cards action you rewards as well. The specific types of rewards that you accept depend on the card, but pay absorption to acclaim agenda offers that arise in your mailbox. Open and apprehend them so that you can see if they’re alms rewards that could account you.

For example, if you get an action for a Chase Sapphire agenda that offers abundant biking benefits, and you’re anyone who does a lot of traveling for your job, again you could account by application that acclaim agenda frequently.

2. Banknote Back

You apparently like cash. Banknote is good.

Some acclaim cards action banknote aback incentives. That agency the acclaim agenda aggregation will actually pay you to use the card.

You get paid to absorb money. How air-conditioned is that?

Read the accomplished print, though. You ability accept to absorb a assertive minimum every ages or year to authorize for the banknote back. Also, accomplish abiding that the bulk of banknote aback you accept makes it account your while.

3. Common Flyer Miles

Did you apperceive that airlines action acclaim cards? In fact, it ability be added difficult to acquisition an airline aggregation that doesn’t action a acclaim agenda than it is to acquisition one that does these days.

If you opt for an airline acclaim card, you ability be acceptable for common flyer miles. Usually, you’ll acquire one mile for every one or two dollars spent. That agency if you absorb $3,000 per year on your acclaim card, you could accept just becoming yourself a chargeless cruise beyond the country.

If you’re somebody who uses a acclaim agenda for your business and you absorb that abundant every month, you angle to account decidedly from common use of an airline card.

4. Points

Some acclaim cards use the “Points” arrangement as well. That agency you can acquire as abounding as 5 credibility for every dollar you spend. Those credibility add up as you use the agenda consistently until eventually you can redeem the credibility for something like a allowance agenda at a retail store.

As a bonus, if the allowance agenda doesn’t action you anything, you can consistently accord it to somebody abroad as a allowance so that you don’t accept to absorb any money on a gift. That gives new acceptation to “regifting.”

5. Security

When you use acclaim cards, you’re not spending your own money. You’re technically spending somebody else’s money. That agency if you get a bad accord on an big-ticket item, you can alarm your acclaim agenda money and altercation the charge. The being who ripped you off will apparently not get any money and apprentice the harder way not to be so dishonest.

Making acclaim agenda mistakes can be costly. However, there are aswell abounding abundant allowances to application artificial instead of cash. Be abiding to pay off your antithesis every month, though, or you ability pay ample absorption rates.