5 Great US Companies With the Best Parental Leave Benefits

5 Great US Companies With the Best Parental Leave Benefits

While assertive politicians are clamoring for paid affectionate leave as a amount of law, some companies haven’t waited for legislation and are already alms acceptable affectionate leave benefits. That’s because administration at those companies knows that they’re aggressive for advisers just like they’re aggressive for customers. As a result, they action acceptable advantage bales to allurement best talent.

Here are 5 abundant U.S. companies with the best affectionate leave benefits.

1. Adobe

People searching for jobs for contempo academy grads should accede Adobe. That’s abnormally accurate if they accede ancestors leave allowances to be a top priority.

Just endure year, Adobe appear that it would aggrandize its affectionate leave allowances to 26 weeks of paid maternology leave. That’s bisected a year.

Primary caregivers aswell adore acceptable allowances at Adobe. Advisers who become parents via advance care, adoption, surrogacy, or accouchement adore 16 weeks of paid leave.

2. Amazon

E-commerce behemothic Amazon aswell offers its advisers accomplished ancestors leave benefits.

New moms get four weeks of paid time off afore giving birth. After childbirth, they’re advantaged to 10 weeks of paid leave. Additionally, new parents can yield an added six weeks, bringing the abeyant breadth of paid affectionate leave to 20 weeks.

Fathers and adoptive parents are advantaged to six weeks of paid leave.

3. Facebook

If you plan for the a lot of accepted amusing media aggregation in the world, you’re advantaged to abnormally acceptable allowances if you accept an accession to your family.

For starters, Facebook offers 16 weeks of paid adoption, paternity, and maternology leave. Even better, the Facebook accumulated ability encourages advisers to yield “parental leave” as against to stigmatizing humans who do so.

It gets better. Facebook offers advisers $4,000 in alleged “baby cash” whenever a little array arrives. There are aswell appointed breast-feeding areas for new moms in the company’s headquarters. Facebook aswell provides egg-freezing services.

Keep in apperception that abounding of these aforementioned allowances are aswell offered by Instagram, the amusing media aggregation endemic by Facebook.

4. Google

The seek engine behemothic aswell offers its advisers outstanding ancestors leave benefits.

New moms are advantaged to 18 weeks of paid maternology leave. Moms who acquaintance complications during abundance are advantaged to an added four weeks of paid leave.

Primary caregivers, including surrogates and adoptive parents, are advantaged to 12 weeks of “baby-bonding leave.” Advisers who are non-primary caregivers are advantaged to seven weeks of paid leave.

Google aswell easily out $500 in “baby bonding bucks.” That’s not as acceptable as Facebook, but it absolutely helps with the costs of a new child.

5. Microsoft

The aggregation best accepted for the Windows operating arrangement has afresh adopted (no pun intended) acceptable ancestors leave allowances for aggregation employees.

New moms and dads (through surrogacy, acceptance or birth) can accept as abundant as 12 weeks of paid leave. New moms are advantaged to an added eight weeks.

There are a amount of allowances to accede if searching for a new job. Some humans attending for adjustable at home jobs while others seek for companies that action accomplished retirement plans. However, if you’re searching for a aggregation with outstanding ancestors leave benefits, accede one of the companies mentioned here.