6 Ways to Save Big Money When Shopping for a Diamond

6 Ways to Save Big Money When Shopping for a Diamond

So it’s time to “pop the question” to your sweetie. Now, you charge to acquisition the absolute design that says “I adulation you” after aswell adage “I’m bankrupt.” Fortunately, that’s possible.

Here are 6 means to save money if arcade for a diamond.

1. Apathy the 3-Month Bacon Rule

You ability accept heard, from humans who don’t accept to reside off of your salary, that the able bulk to absorb on an assurance ring is three months of your salary.

Good news: you can cautiously apathy that advice.

That salary-based aphorism is acquired from able business by the design industry. Of advance that industry wants you to absorb as abundant money as accessible on a diamond.

Keep in apperception aswell that the amount of your accord isn’t abstinent in dollars. According to an Emory University study, the added humans absorb on an assurance ring, the beneath the marriage.

In a nutshell: amount doesn’t matter.

2. Accept Flaws

Do you wish the absolute diamond? Then you’d bigger accept the absolute job.

The actuality of the amount is that the all-inclusive majority of precious stones accept some flaws. However, a lot of of them aren’t arresting to the naked eye. Unless your adherent is a jeweler, you don’t charge to strive for accomplishment if it comes to arcade for a diamond.

3. Understand the Weight

When it comes to diamond, weight ability be the a lot of important metric. Humans don’t usually attending at a design and say “Wow! I can’t see any imperfections!” Instead, they say something like: “Wow! That’s a big diamond!”

Jewelers about amount precious stones based on weight, so you ability be able to acquisition a design that looks as ample as addition one, but is absolutely bisected a carat beneath in size. That will save you some money.

4. Boutique Online

Believe it or not, you can boutique cautiously for a design online. It’s generally the case that you’ll acquisition a abundant bigger accord online than you will if analytic “the ancient way” from abundance to abundance in your bounded area.

You aswell won’t accept to accord with the burden of a sales being like you would at gold and argent assurance shops. That’s an added benefit appropriate there.

5. Attending at Bandage Options

Sure, a platinum bandage looks abundant and is durable. However, a gold bandage is beneath expensive. If you anticipate that your baby will be blessed with a abundant design that sits aloft a gold band, save yourself a few bucks and go economical on the ring itself.

6. Get It Custom Made

You ability accept apparent a annual of a branded ring that bent your eye. You’re assertive that your cogent added would adulation that exact ring.

Before you buy it, though, yield a annual of it and appearance it to a bounded jeweler. You ability acquisition that the jeweler can accomplish a ring that looks absolutely like the one in the photo for beneath money.

There are means to save money even if it comes to arcade for a abundant diamond. With a little bit of planning, you can get the absolute design for that appropriate anyone in your activity after clarification your coffer account.