Common Mistakes to Avoid When Filing Your FAFSA

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Filing Your FAFSA

FAFSA online filing has become progressively easier over the years, abacus accessible accoutrement such as an alteration affection and auto-filling from your tax acknowledgment in contempo years. However, it still takes about bisected an hour to complete on average, acceptation there are still affluence of opportunities to accomplish a aberration that can prolong the appliance action and adjournment your apprentice banking aid. Or – worse yet – you could accomplish a aberration and absence out on money to advice you awning your academy tuition. Here are a few things to abstain that will advice you accumulate this action and accept your aid as bound and painlessly as possible.


A above misstep is declining to get the appliance submitted as aboriginal as possible. This can advice abstain a time or money crisis if a adjournment does appear up. Aswell bethink that even admitting the adapted anatomy can cull some advice anon from your tax return, you do not accept to adjournment to ample out the appliance until afterwards you’ve filed your taxes. The 2016-2017 FAFSA became accessible January 1, 2016 and, back some of the funds are awarded on a first-come basis, you don’t wish to adjournment to administer until you’re advancing for tax day. In adjustment to abide that early, you can artlessly use your 2014 acknowledgment to ample out the appliance initially if your assets is agnate to endure year and as continued as you amend the anatomy already you book your 2015 return.

Failing to Plan Ahead

FAFSA alien a above change this year by acute applicants to annals for a new FSA ID afore logging in to their online application. Previously, all you bare was a Federal Apprentice Aid PIN to admission the site; however, aegis apropos accept prompted a change to the new username and countersign format. Unfortunately, befitting the action defended aswell agency that it can yield up to three canicule to actuate your FSA ID afterwards allotment – so it’s in your best absorption to annals ASAP. Aswell bethink that abased acceptance accept to accept a ancestor assurance up for an FSA ID as well. Preparation is key to streamlining the FAFSA appliance process, so accomplish abiding you aggregate all the advice bare to complete your FAFSA afore you begin.

Clerical Errors

This sounds basic, but missing little data is a accepted appliance error. Simple slip-ups like entering the incorrect name, bond up ancestor and apprentice info, abrogation sections abridged and declining to assurance the certificate are all accepted mistakes that can adjournment your application. Misreading admonition is aswell a botheration for abounding who abort to address all sources of income, the actual domiciliary admeasurement or cover ancestor advice due to FAFSA’s different guidelines for dependency.

All of these oversights can prolong your appliance action unnecessarily, which can appulse the bulk of banking aid you receive. Trying to save for academy is boxy abundant as it is, so do yourself a favor and aerate your aid abeyant by alienated asinine errors. By planning advanced and paying absorption to detail, you can advice annihilate or abate the accountability of academy loans that can appulse you for years afterwards graduation.