Prepping Your Home for Sale: What Should You Fix?

Prepping Your Home for Sale: What Should You Fix

A abeyant client will apparently accept a laundry account of things they would like in a home afore they buy. They may wish a the exoteric acrylic to be pink, for example, because they’ve consistently capital a blush house. They’d like a home amphitheater in the basement because they do a lot of absorbing and charge a acceptable beleaguer arrangement for their next party.

But of course, your job as the agent is to adjudge which aliment and improvements will accomplish your home added adorable for the majority of home buyers and accede which aliment are reasonable and which are not. Home theater? Apparently not reasonable. But there are a scattering of aliment that you absolutely accept to yield albatross for if you wish to advertise your home.

Broken or Outdated Appliances

This is decidedly accordant if it comes to refrigerators and ovens. You don’t charge to get the shiniest, newest archetypal in the store, but a 60-year-old stove isn’t traveling to cut it, either. In the end, you wish to leave your client with a analytic well-equipped kitchen – so don’t absorb your accomplished accumulation on new appliances, but don’t skimp either.


Do you accept absurd tiles in the kitchen? Alter them. Mildewed linoleum in the bathroom? Tear it up, and alter it. Did your dog absorb so abundant time skidding over the copse floors that they now attending added like mulch? Definitely refinish those babies – or alter them entirely. Floors are a above affairs point in any home; therefore, if castigation charge repairs, it’s traveling to be a about-face off for any abeyant buyer.


This is a big admission account for you as the seller- you may charge to yield out architecture loans to alter a roof – but it’s an important repair. If you accept an old roof that has been patched several times, or if it’s starting to attending added like a mossy timberline block than the anatomy that shelters your home, it may be time to alarm a beam company. Rip that affair off and alpha over.


Old windows are addition about-face off for abeyant buyers. Hundred-year-old homes accept their charm; but hundred-year-old windows? Not so much. These can be drafty, absolution in the algid winter weather. After adapted windows, a home’s heating bill skyrockets. A client will acceptable apperceive this, and you won’t accomplish the sale.


If you accept a belted yard, wonderful! A absurd affairs point for you. If your fence is torn or ailing mended? Not so much. What if your client has pets? What if they accept children? How can they acreage advance their new backyard if their accouchement or animals can clamber beneath the fence and run into the street? Be abiding you advance in this often-overlooked aspect of your home. Accomplish your backyard safe and family-friendly by fully, thoroughly anchor it. After all, there’s no white-picket-fence acquaintance after the white blockade fence!

You became an able if affairs your aboriginal home; now become an able at selling! Just accomplish abiding you do the plan afore putting your home on the market! Don’t leave the next first-time homeowner with a dozen complicated aliment you were too apathetic to fix.