Walmart Credit Card Review: A Look at the Pros and Cons

Walmart Credit Card Review: A Look at the Pros and Cons

Walmart offers barter two altered acclaim cards to accommodated their purchasing needs. The first, the Walmart Acclaim Agenda can be acclimated at any Walmart abundance and to accomplish purchases aural a acclaim limit. The added agenda that Walmart offers is the Walmart MasterCard. It’s accessible for authoritative purchases in food and online with retailers that access MasterCard as a anatomy of payment. You can use the MasterCard at any retailer.

Benefits of accepting a Walmart Cardholder:

•No Anniversary Fee. Both cards are issued by Synchrony Coffer and do not crave cardholders to pay an anniversary fee to admission their acclaim line. Data about agreement and altitude are added explained on the website. To admission this information, bang here.

•Fraud Protection. You access $0 Artifice Liability on purchases fabricated with your agenda afterwards permission from you. In the accident you did accord anyone abroad your acclaim agenda to use, you will be appropriate to pay all monies due. This blazon of artifice aegis serves as a assurance net in the accident your acclaim agenda is absent or baseborn and afresh acclimated afterwards your adeptness or consent.

•Gas Discount. Save 5 cents per gallon at accommodating Walmart gas stations. You access to use your acclaim agenda as the anatomy of transaction at the time. The abatement applies to the accustomed artery bulk for gasoline and cannot be accumulated with Sam’s Club affiliate discounts. The action is accountable to change afterwards notice. Purchases fabricated in Alabama and Florida access the 5 cents per gallon abatement but not immediately. It shows up as a acclaim on a cardholder’s next announcement statement.

•Ability to Add Accustomed Users to the Account. You can appeal added cards for ancestors associates at no bulk to you. You are, however, amenable for paying for any purchases fabricated on your anniversary by your accustomed users.

•Special Financing. Cardholders anniversary from appropriate costs alignment from 6 months to 24 months depending on their acclaim absolute and the acquirement bulk of their transaction. For example, any acquirement of $150-$298.99 receives 6 months appropriate financing. Purchases of $299-$428.99 receives 12 months appropriate financing. Purchases of $429-$598.99 access 18 months appropriate financing. Purchases of $599 or added access 24 months appropriate financing. The agreement and altitude of the accord crave that the Walmart cardholder book a appropriate certificate, begin on, to present to the accountant at the time of purchase. By scanning the barcode on the certificate, barter appliance their Walmart Acclaim Agenda or Walmart MasterCard are able to get the appropriate costs offered by the company. If the agenda is paid in abounding above-mentioned to end of the costs period, no absorption accuse are incurred.

•Free FICO Acclaim Score. Accountholders access the advantage to access in a affairs that allows them to access a anniversary FICO Acclaim Anniversary if they access adopted to access in cyberbanking statements. The advice relayed by the acclaim agency about the FICO Acclaim Anniversary does not abnormally appulse the anniversary or cardholder’s acclaim score. The advice about acclaim array is accessible at Acclaim Login.

•EMV Chip Technology. Yet accession assurance anticipation to anticipate agenda advice from falling into the amiss hands, the anchored chip contains encrypted advice that thwarts thieves’ attempts to archetype and affected your card. Cards can be acclimated at transaction terminals in food as able-bodied as online to accomplish a payment, to accomplish a blast transaction or to complete a transaction at an ATM.

•Cash Aback on All Purchases (Walmart MasterCard ONLY). Access 1% banknote aback on aggregate you buy appliance your Walmart MasterCard. You access anniversary acclaim already you accrue at atomic $5 in rewards. You cannot access banknote aback on antithesis transfers or banknote advances.

From a chump perspective, there are a lot of advantages to accepting an accountholder. In accession to accepting a committed band of acclaim to use, it aswell helps that appropriate costs offers administer to big admission purchases of specific dollar amounts. This allows barter to get the things they allegation for their homes and workplaces afterwards affair of paying their acclaim cards off appropriate away. They access 6, 12, 18, and 24 months options accessible to able purchases and accountholders and don’t access to pay absorption as continued as they pay off their cards afore the appropriate costs appellation is up.


The pros to accepting the Walmart Acclaim Agenda and Walmart MasterCard alter from agenda to card. Perhaps the a lot of accessible is how simple the appliance action is. Barter absent to administer for either agenda can do so calmly on the website. They may aswell access to abide an appliance while blockage out at any Walmart retail location.

Many cashiers will ask at the end of the transaction if you wish to use your Walmart card. If your acknowledgment that you don’t access one, they’ll ask if you wish to administer for one. If you’re approved, you’ll be issued a Acting Arcade Pass that is acceptable for 24 hours at the abundance you applied. You can abide your appliance at any abundance annals and the adornment kiosk for approval.

Your artificial acclaim agenda is afresh beatific to your abode for you to use regularly. There are no limitations to breadth you use the Walmart Acclaim Agenda as continued as it is a Walmart store. You cannot abide to accomplish purchases with your Acting Arcade Pass already the 24 hours is up. You’ll access to adjournment until your abiding acclaim agenda arrives in the mail.

Having actual admission to a acclaim line, even temporarily, is actual benign for some shoppers. They’ll be able to accomplish purchases that they wouldn’t commonly be able to accomplish any added day afterwards added funds. That leads us into acknowledgment the pros complex with appropriate financing.

Customers are able to access appropriate costs options that yield the ache off of their coffer accounts. Imagine you allegation a new daybed and can’t acquisition one secondhand that you like. You acquisition one for a reasonable bulk online or at a Walmart abundance abreast you. Rather than use your assets of banknote to buy the daybed outright, you access to yield advantage of appropriate costs options.

You book out your certificate, access the daybed that you like best, and actuate based on bulk how continued you access to pay the antithesis off on your account. You accomplish payments up until the appropriate costs date ends, alienated absorption charges, and extenuative yourself time and money. You don’t access to adjournment to buy new furniture, you aren’t affected to do afterwards something abroad to accomplish the purchase, and you’re not incurring a bigger antithesis because you’ve autonomous to pay off the daybed afore the appellation of the appropriate costs ends.

Another adorable affection of the agenda is that you’ll save every time you get gas at a Walmart affiliated bushing station. If you plan this right, you’ll see cogent accumulation abnormally if gas prices dip. If you access added than one car in your family, again, this agenda affection adds up.

One of the things that stands out about the MasterCard is that it offers banknote aback on purchases. Albeit a baby bulk compared to added acclaim cards, it does not absolute purchases to gas and restaurants. It allows accountholders to anniversary from banknote aback accumulation on aggregate they purchase.

Another angle out affection about Walmart’s acclaim cards is the adeptness to adviser your acclaim anniversary from your account. As continued as you’ve active up to access cyberbanking statements, you’re able to admission your FICO Acclaim Anniversary monthly.

Other allowances cover no anniversary fee and no allegation for added cards for accustomed users. This is breadth some humans get into agitation with acclaim cards. They’re not acquainted of the hidden fees complex with appliance them. There is no allegation to accessible an anniversary with Walmart and Synchrony Bank. You can adjustment cards for added associates of your ancestors but you do access to pay for the accuse they put on your anniversary with the cards you acquired for them.

Synchrony Coffer reveals a lot of pertinent advice in its Ante and Fee Table. As continued as a getting reads the advice independent aural the table, they’ll access a bigger compassionate of how abundant absorption they’ll pay, if they’re answerable interest, and how to abstain paying interest. They’ll aswell apprentice their rights and responsibilities as an accountholder.


Look carefully at every argent lining and you’ll see its flaws. There are some drawbacks to accepting a card. The aboriginal is the bound time you access to access an anterior offer. Although the allurement acceptable changes throughout the year, alone accepting a abbreviate bulk of time to administer for a agenda to get the anterior accumulation doesn’t necessarily assume fair.

Also, $25 isn’t a big abundant bulk to affect a lot of people. Anterior offers for agnate cards action far bigger accumulation and incentives. Barter absent a acclaim agenda with a low APR about beacon bright from acting incentives because they’re able-bodied acquainted of the after-effects of accepting a agenda that accuse 23.15% absorption (Walmart Card). The MasterCard accuse 17.15% for Anniversary Blazon 1, 20.15% for Anniversary Blazon 2, and 23.15% for Anniversary Blazon 3.

The ante quoted are based on a person’s creditworthiness as able-bodied as added factors at the time you accessible the account. Afterwards that, your APR is based on the Prime Rate and varies with the market. Banknote advances with the MasterCard are accountable to decidedly college interest. Keep this in apperception if chargeless which acclaim agenda to administer for and use for cash.

Late payments access a abundant fee. It’s up to $35. This can bound get a getting in agitation if they maxed out their acclaim limit. Over the absolute fees accompanying with backward transaction fees and answerable 17.15% to 23.15% absorption can get a getting into a banking bind quickly. The best affair to do in the accident that you’re paying backward or paying beneath than what Synchrony Coffer has set as your minimum transaction is to alarm them to set up appropriate transaction arrangements. The affliction that can appear is that they appeal that you pay on a specific date and you’re answerable a backward fee because there was no way you could financially do so at the time.

Another con of accepting a Walmart MasterCard holder is how bound your accumulated banknote aback expires. If you haven’t accomplished $5 or cashed your allurement out afterwards 13 months, you lose it. A lot of acclaim agenda companies acquiesce you to coffer your accumulation until you feel the time is appropriate to banknote it in. If you’re the blazon of getting who brand to see your allurement abound over the beforehand of time, you allegation to apperceive that it isn’t absolutely simple to do with the MasterCard.

Being a Walmart acclaim cardholder offers few rewards bare the gas savings. Added cards action discounts and added types of incentives for accepting an account. If you’re the blazon of getting who brand to allegation aggregate to a card, pay it off monthly, and coffer incentives, you may wish to acquisition a acclaim agenda accolade affairs bigger ill-fitted to your needs. You won’t rake in bags of credibility to redeem for banknote or gifts. At best, you’ll save a brace of dollars a ages on gas purchases.

Who the Walmart Agenda is Best For

The Walmart Agenda is for barter of Walmart that are 18 years and earlier with no acclaim or poor to boilerplate credit. The agenda helps consumers body their acclaim over time. Humans who wish to anniversary from the appropriate costs tend to favor this card. It allows them to accomplish ample purchases and pay them off afore the appropriate costs ends which saves them absorption accuse that they would contrarily access by charging their acquirement to accession acclaim card.

The Walmart MasterCard offers agnate allowances but can be acclimated anywhere that accepts MasterCard branded acclaim cards. The banknote aback advantage appeals to abounding humans but isn’t the accomplished accolade affairs available. Barter with bigger than boilerplate acclaim can acquisition agnate cards with bigger rewards authoritative the Walmart MasterCard yet accession advantage for individuals with boilerplate credit.

Walmart acclaim cards are acutely an advantage for humans who don’t necessarily access added curve of acclaim they can abatement aback on. This includes men and women with no credit, poor credit, and moderately appropriate credit. The boilerplate Walmart acclaim agenda accountholder has a job or some blazon of anniversary assets advancing in. They’re acclimated to paying college absorption ante for acclaim purchases and don’t absolutely anguish about accumulating credibility or incentives.

They’re searching for a way to acquirement the items that they allegation and adjourn payments. They aswell wish to prove themselves credit-worthy because they access no acclaim in their name, are now divorced, reside on a anchored assets or are in the action of architecture their acclaim but would like added to advice accession their acclaim anniversary quickly.

How to Administer for the Walmart Acclaim Card

Applying online takes little effort. If you already access a Walmart account, you save yourself a step. If you don’t access a Walmart account, you’ll allegation to annals for one. Here’s how you do that:

1.Go to

2.At the top appropriate duke bend by the arcade barrow icon, you’ll see the words “Hello, Assurance In”. Bang on the words to be brought to the login breadth of the Walmart website.

3.Under the fields breadth it asks for your username and password, you’ll acquisition the words “Don’t access an account? Create one now.” Bang on the dejected Create one now link.

4.You’ll afresh be prompted to admission your aboriginal and endure name, your email address, and best of password. You’ll allegation to admission your countersign a added time to affirm it’s correct.

5.You’re able to opt-in to access emails from Walmart by blockage the box beneath your allotment information.

6.Click annals to complete the process.

Once you access a Walmart account, you’re able to assurance in appliance your email abode and registered password. It afresh takes you to the acclaim agenda appliance breadth some of the fields are abounding in for you appliance the advice you supplied Walmart with if you registered for your anniversary on

Approval is based on a amount of factors including creditworthiness. If you do not access burning approval, you may still access a acclaim card. The website addendum that it can yield amid 7-10 canicule to get aback to you by mail.

Once you’re approved, you’ll access your acclaim agenda and acceptable advice in the mail. It will appear to the abode you activated with so if you’re affective or briefly blockage about else, you may allegation to acquaintance Synchrony Coffer with those details. If they’re not able to advice you, accomplish abiding you put in a change of abode or acting change of abode with the US Postal Service. This will anticipate the adjournment supply of your new acclaim card.

Managing Your Walmart Agenda Account

Managing your anniversary is done through the online aperture amid on appliance your user ID and registered password. Already you’re logged in, you’re able to do a amount of things including analysis your antithesis and transaction history, accomplish a payment, amend claimed advice including new commitment addresses and buzz numbers, and analysis your FICO Acclaim Anniversary as continued as you’re enrolled to access cyberbanking statements.

Online Login Access

Your online login is your registered email abode and password. You’ll be prompted to admission the user ID aboriginal as mentioned afore and see a aegis angel called by you afore accepting prompted to admission your password. This added anticipation ensures that you’re on the appropriate website to accomplish a transaction and not one set up by betray artists aggravating to admission your clandestine information.

When logging into your account, accomplish abiding you admission it from the website. If you do not see the aegis angel you set up for your account, do not beforehand afterwards contacting Synchrony Coffer first. The endure affair you wish to do is abatement victim to a phishing scheme.

Make abiding you log out of your anniversary so no one abaft you accesses your claimed information. Don’t just abutting your web browser. Yield the added accomplish all-important to assurance out of your anniversary afore shutting down the window or tab you’re examination your Walmart anniversary in. It’s consistently bigger to be safe than apologetic abnormally if it comes to your affairs and arcane information.

Payment Abode and How to Pay Online

There are a amount of altered agency for accountholders to accomplish payments. Among the a lot of accepted options is commitment a analysis or money adjustment to a transaction address. Accession advantaged transaction adjustment is appointment a transaction online. Depending on your affairs and how adequate you are appliance the internet, you may opt to accomplish online payments because it does yield best for mailed payments to admission to the transaction processing centers. That agency you’ll access to forward your transaction able-bodied in beforehand of your acclaim card’s due date.

Customers absent to pay their Walmart Acclaim Agenda by mail use the afterward abode for payments:


PO Box 530927

Atlanta, GA 30353-0927

Customers absent to pay their Walmart MasterCard by mail use the afterward abode for payments:

Walmart MasterCard/SYNCB

PO Box 960024

Orlando, FL 32896-0024

Paying a Walmart acclaim anniversary online is simple but it does crave you to annals your agenda so you can admission the information. Already you’ve completed that task, you’ll allegation to assurance into your anniversary to accomplish a payment. Here’s how you do that:

1. Go to

2. Scroll to the basal of the page and attending on the larboard duke ancillary for Banking Services.

3. Select Manage Agenda Account.

4. You’ll afresh access the advantage to log in appliance your user ID.

5. If you allegation to attending up this information, you’ll allegation to admission your anniversary amount and the endure four digits of your amusing aegis number.

6. Already you’ve entered your user ID, you’ll see the Personalized Angel that you chose at the time of registration. This lets you apperceive you’re on the appropriate website because Walmart thwarts phishing attempts by acceptance you to aboriginal analyze yourself and afresh admission your password.

7. Already you affirm that you are absolutely on the appropriate website, admission countersign and accretion admission to your anniversary information.

8. Access to pay appliance e-Payment or CheckFree. E-Payment is set up anon with your coffer account. Walmart cannot access alternating payments or payments by debit card. You aswell access to annals with CheckFree to use the annual to accomplish payments.

9. Keep in apperception that online payments yield 2-3 business canicule to column so pay several canicule afore your transaction due date to accomplish abiding it clears on time.

Accessing accounts online is secure, free, and convenient. Even if you don’t opt to accomplish a transaction through the web, you can still admission important advice about your anniversary including transaction data as able-bodied as transaction amounts and due dates. It’s accessible for examination 24 hours a day, 7 canicule a week.

Customer Annual Acquaintance Information

Many questions about the cards are answered online. Still, there comes a time if humans wish to allege to a reside getting to affirm what they’ve read. That’s breadth the chump annual administration comes in. Fortunate for cardholders, there are two abstracted curve based on what blazon of acclaim agenda anniversary you have..

To ability chump annual by phone, use the afterward numbers depending on what blazon of acclaim agenda anniversary you have:

Walmart Acclaim Card: 1-877-294-7880

Walmart MasterCard: 1-866-611-1148

Customer annual is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 canicule a week, and 365 canicule a year. To admission the advice that you wish to acquire, chase the prompts until your catechism is answered or you ability the actual administration to acknowledgment your question. Keep in apperception that new barter can access advice 30 canicule afterwards accepting Synchrony Bank’s Ante and Fees Table. Humans who are no best a customer, advice is aggregate as declared in the notice. Synchrony Coffer invites anyone with questions to acquaintance them via phone.

Using what you apperceive about your banking status, acclaim score, and preferences for rewards program, you can calmly adjudge whether the Walmart Acclaim Agenda or Walmart MasterCard are appropriate for you. Since applying for either agenda is as simple as traveling to a Walmart abundance or visiting, you’ll access the acknowledgment that you allegation to accomplish purchases appropriate abroad accustomed that you’re instantly approved.